Our Patients Speak………..thank you Joanne.

What was it like before you came to see us?

I had spent a lifetime on and off every diet you can imagine, without lasting results. Finally, closing in on 60 years old, I had enough. My joints ached, my heels hurt, I felt a heaviness in my chest, and my weight wouldn’t budget, mostly concentrated in my belly area. I had been prescribed blood pressure and cholesterol medication for years. My family history worried me… my mother was diabetic and had a stroke at age 67, living the rest of her life in a nursing home. You would think I’d know better after seeing the horror she went through, but still I turned to food for comfort rather than fuel.
How is it now?
I can honestly say that being under Dr. Mitchem’s care has changed my life. She muscle tested me and the answers were there… exactly what I needed to address to be on the road to good health. She began me with the 21-day cleanse which was perfect for me. Not only did it jump-start my wellness, it ingrained better eating habits into my lifestyle and by the time it was over, my blood pressure and weight had dropped significantly. I felt wonderful! No more achy joints, sore heals, or chest heaviness. I’m off of caffeine, sugar and grains and this time it feels like a lifelong change rather than just a phase. I feel that Dr. Mitchem’s care gives me truly personalized health care. The foods and supplements that work for me are different than they would be for someone else, because they’re for ME. And they work. I could not be more pleased with the results and look forward each month to my appointment.

Joanne K.

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